Our Story

The reason 'why' behind Sea-el Skincare

Our Story

As the name suggests, "el" is the Spanish version of "The," and "Sea" represents the ocean, which is the source of inspiration for our brand. Sea-el Skincare is a line of all-natural, clean, and luxurious skincare products that are ideal for all ages. Our founder, who grew up surfing in Southern California, noticed the positive impact of the ocean on their skin and discovered that kelp extract can help balance the pH levels of the skin and even the skin tone. 

After searching for an affordable, ocean-based, natural skincare line that met their needs, but coming up short, our founder decided to create their own kelp-based, natural skin care products with clean preservatives. With over 25 years of experience in the natural foods industry, they understand the importance of clean and natural ingredients.

Our mission is to provide clean, kelp-based, luxurious skincare products at an affordable price.

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