Our Story


Ocean-Infused Skincare

      The name means “The Sea,” with “el” being the Spanish version of “The.” An all-natural, clean, accessible, and luxurious line of skincare products, ideal for all ages.

     I (The Founder) grew up surfing in Southern California and noticed the ocean’s many benefits on my skin. After researching, I found that Kelp extract could help heal damaged skin by balancing out the pH levels of the skin and evening my skin tone. In addition to the healing benefits, kelp contains Alginic Acids known to help treat eczema and psoriasis. As someone with sensitive skin, I looked for an affordable, ocean-based, natural skincare line that met my needs, but I came up short. Either they were way too expensive or had harsh, harmful preservatives. It seemed like there was no middle ground.

    That's when I decided to make my own kelp-based, natural skin care products with amazingly clean preservatives that are luxurious and accessible. I’ve been in the natural foods industry for over 25 years, so I already understood what natural and clean meant. Even in the natural foods industry, there were ingredients that I felt were still harsh. So, I created Sea-el Skincare.

     Ten years later, our mission is still the same, providing clean, kelp-based, luxurious skincare products at an affordable price. Additionally, we are in the process of becoming a Carbon Neutral company by supporting regenerative kelp re-forestation in our oceans.