Sea-el means "The Sea".  A concentrated fermented kelp found in most of our products results in a visibly hydrated, even skin toned appearance and preserved with the most natural ingredients

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Many skin products nowadays are filled with chemicals that don't actually help you, in fact, may hurt you over long periods. Quality should never be a compromise.  Sea-el uses an extremely natural preservation system, free from irritating synthetic preservatives.  

Look Good, Feel Good


As a life long surfer, I know the benefits the ocean water has to offer.  This is why I made Sea-el Skin Care, so we can enjoy the benefits the ocean provides without actually being in the water, and what better represents the ocean than kelp.

Kelp based and natural


Our Bull Kelp is fermented breaking down it's cell wall, allowing for easier penetration into the skin resulting in more lush, healthy, even toned skin.  Isn't this why we use skin care, to enhance the look of our skin and prevent the aging process?  And why not do it as clean and natural as possible, with Sea-el Skin Care.

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