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you deserve a sea-el spa day


Quarantine Spa Day routine

If you have to stay inside, treat your skin to a spa day with these 4 essential skin care spa products

First- Avocado Kelp Facial Cleanser

This creamy, non foaming, non drying cleanser will remove impurities, dirt and oil.   Amazing scent of lavender will awaken your spirit and keep your spirits lifted.

Second, Coconut Kiwi Facial Scrub

You can even leave the cleanser on your face, scoop out some of this natural exfoliant that contains bamboo and pumice, and rub as desired, around the eyes (careful not to get into your eyes) and all around your face, scrubbing away dead skin.  This phase removes dead skin cells that clogs pores and moisturizes at the same time with Avocado Oil.   Leave this on for a few minutes, then wash off.

Third, Sea Kelp Mud Mask

Once you've washed off the Coconut Kiwi Scrub, pat your face almost dry, then scoop some of this amazing Sea Kelp Mud Mask and apply again, around the eyes, then outward, covering the entire face.  This product phase will extract oils from the skin and nourish it with quinoa protein, jojoba and coconut oils and calm it with turmeric extract.  Let this dry for about 10 mins, go watch some TV or listen to some music, while you feel this begin to tighten your face and dry. 

Fourth, Lamina Day Cream

After you've completely removed the Sea Kelp Mud Mask (Hint: best to shower after using the Sea Kelp Mud Mask), your face will welcome the soothing, rich Lamina Day Cream, nourishing and toning.  Lamina Day Cream was meant to restore skin or prevent the skin from aging, providing it with a powerhouse of nutrients and sealing the skin with oils of Shea and Coconut, all while keeping it moist throughout the day.  

You are done

If we have to stay inside, lift your spirits, kill some time and enhance your skin.  If you can do this program once to two times weekly, your skin will look and feel amazing, we can promise you that much.  Additionally, purchasing these products puts you over the top for free shipping and 1 free Kelp Clear Blemish Stick.  Enjoy!


While supplies last! The perfect, portable blemish support product.  Clean, natural and effective, the Kelp Clear Blemish Stick works.  Roll it over the area of concern once an hour and watch it go away, in most cases by the next day.   It only works though, if you use it.  Keep one at home and one in your car or purse just in case.   Remember, your subtotal on the checkout page must be $60 or more, then add the blemish stick to the order and type the word "blemish" in the coupon code for an instant free blemy.

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Committed to Quality

Kelp based and natural

Committed to Quality

Many skin products nowadays are filled with chemicals that don't actually help you, in fact, may hurt you over long periods. Quality should never be a compromise.  Sea-el uses an extremely natural preservation system, free from irritating synthetic preservatives.  


Look Good, Feel Good

Kelp based and natural

Committed to Quality

As a life long surfer, I know the benefits the ocean water has to offer.  This is why I made Sea-el Skin Care, so we can enjoy the benefits the ocean provides without actually being in the water, and what better represents the ocean than kelp.


Kelp based and natural

Kelp based and natural

Kelp based and natural

Our Bull Kelp is fermented breaking down it's cell wall, allowing for easier penetration into the skin resulting in more lush, healthy, even toned skin.  Isn't this why we use skin care, to enhance the look of our skin and prevent the aging process?  And why not do it as clean and natural as possible, with Sea-el Skin Care.

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