Sea-el Skin Care

This is more for testimonial purposes because I’m a HUGE fan of Sea-El.

I work for Sprouts Farmers Market and for my tenure, I’ve always loved the blemish stick. Whenever I had break outs, it was my first line of offense, and it ALWAYS cleared them up right away.

I became, ABSOLUTELY hooked, when Sea-el sent me home from Sproutsfest with a mud mask and eventually I came to use the full line (with exception to the  Avocado cleanser since I have, sadly, an Avocado allergy).

I get so many compliments on my skin and I show my customers “It’s Sea-el and  nothing else.”    

After years and years of awful break outs, my skin feels soft to the touch  and the day cream lasts forever without being greasy or weighing down on my   skin.

I really wish you guys made a full body scrub, because I use the exfoliating  scrub on other places I get acne (shoulders, back, neck, etc) and it REALLY  helps.  Out of ANY exfoliating product I’ve ever used, Sea-El’s actually   works.   You can FEEL the difference.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys for continuing to provide, in  my opinion, the BEST skin care line Sprouts offers.